Leif Elggren

Presentation of a on-going project started in 1977,
an annexation of Yellow and Black.

"I hereby lay claim to this symbol, sign, icon, the combination of black and yellow,
wherever it may appear, in this or any other world, in whatever shape, form, pattern or
composition, be it civil or military. I hereby claim to be its originator and owner."

The book is a summary of a project that have found its way in different shapes and
situations through the years. A statement of legitimity is put out, a statement of the self
placed in the hierarchic order of the world.

Am I the created creation that in turn create new creations
or am I the created creation that create my own creator?

In the course of my work with these yellow and black rectangles I also find counterparts
in international usage of this colour combination to express danger and to increase
attention. Placed so that they demarcate an area, a border, an event that must be made
known. I then make a folder with 23 colour photographs that show a selection of these
symbols' presence in Stockholm, e.g. signs and painted patterns on roads, in the subway,
on stairs, on doors, on electric meters, on protruding, bulky objects, on dangerously
placed girders, on hanging crane hooks etc.