Leif Elggren

During a few days in February 1998 I sit down and write all the names which are accessible,
and there is room for, in my head (friends, relatives, celebrities, important historical
figures, etc.). I produce them without help; one sometimes gives rise to the other,
an associative method is developed. Approx. 2 000 names make themselves felt.
Of course, there are more. I realise this later when I read a newspaper, going to a party
or watch a programme on television. These randomly chosen names are, however, those
which appeared spontaneously during these days. The names are reproduced here in the
state and the order in which they appeared.

Dedicated to my friends: You are in me, I am in you!
This book is realized in conjunction with the exhibition "Brytningstider"
at Norrköpings konstmuseum, Sweden, May 16 - October 11, 1998.
Translation, Swedish to English: Karen Diamond.