Leif Elggren
Guds namn är felstavat

Background: In October 1979 I had a stamp with God's unutterable name produced, the so called Tetragrammaton which consists of four consonants. The stamp remained unused, only a few photographs showing the stamp and an ink pad exist from this first period. However, in 1983 I use the name and print it in a book. The stamp proves useful during a walk in 1987 with Urban Engström through the Klara tunnel. I stamp the walls and cry over and over: Mum! Mum! Our walk is part of the joint project 7 VARIABLER (7 Variables). We make exhibitions and actions at different places in Stockholm during a period of 7 days. The entire project is documented by Per Svensson and a video is edited afterwards. We show the video at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Kungl. Konsthögskolan) to a group of students and teachers. After the screening an indignant Marie-Louise Ekman cries: God's name is misspelt! In the tumult which arises I never get the chance to ask her what she means, but the statement is so tremendously interesting (and fits in so well with the current phase of my work) that I use it as the title of a book which I publish in 1994. The book consists of 27 names.